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A Comforting Standstill

August 9th, 2021

Poem by Nicole Araujo

Artwork by Maddy Meredith

Dated: 26 May, 2017

Content content content

Contentedness burning my throat but I like it


I can relax now, let my shoulders sigh down

And my head droop forward, eyelids flutter shut

I’m stuck but I like it

I should probably stop this shit soon but I just wanna go a little longer


a little longer


                                       a little longer 


                                                                                 soon, but not quite


How the hell long ago did I tell her I was leaving my house? Oh, I should have been there by now

But I don’t want to stop this bliss

One more little rock and I’ll leave


I don’t want to start living

I just want to stay here, now

Don’t want to move besides dragging it on the foil


I just want to stay here, content


Time offends me 

Please stay still for me

I don’t want to move just yet


In the near future but not yet 

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