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Possession // Bustier

August 15th, 2022

Poems by Aimee Nicole

Photograph by Maddy Meredith


I want to be possessed.

A family heirloom passed

down through generations.

A ghoul trapped in the attic,

watching the world wisp by.

Silver that never tarnishes—

it’s so well kept.


I’m a public menace

walking the aisles.

Both breasts exposed,

one hickey bookmarking

the page we ripped from

the spine last night.

Men saunter over

to shoot their shot,

ask me for drinks

because they’ll have me

know they are in town

just for the night.

I’m a green tea one sugar

soy milk type of girl, baby.

Blankets pulled to the chin by seven,

eyelids kissing by eight.

I’m a daylight queen,

a plant who bends toward sunlight,

all those crescent moon hours

spent dreaming of warmth

french kissing my bare skin once again.

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