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Welcome to Inflections

Founded in 2018, Inflections Magazine is an multilingual online blog run by feminist writers based all around the world. We publish on a quarterly basis - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, and have five categories- International Politics, Feminism, Art & Poetry, Reviews, and Chronicles. 

We work together with international writers, artists and poets to share different perspectives on a range of contemporary topics. Inflections was established to create a space for alternative voices, opinions, and ideas to be shared, as a form of modern day political activism. Over time the project has evolved into an international cultural think tank. We welcome you to our site and invite you to send us your submissions.

You can follow us on Instagram (@inflectionsmagazine) and subscribe to our monthly email newsletter below!


Subscribe to our monthly email newsletter here:

Submit a piece

Interested in submitting an article, op-ed, interview, short story, poem, review (movie, book, event, etc.) or work of art with us? Send us an email at:

Max word limit 2,500.

Please include the name under which you would like to publish, your Instagram handle, as well as your location in your submission.

Submissions should fit into one of our five topic categories.

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