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What I See

July 20th, 2020

Poem by Michelle Bruno

Artwork by Maddy Meredith

I see you. The way you wrinkle your nose in disgust when you see what I have to show you. I see the way you turn to catch a glimpse at every angle, only to resort to judgment. You can't help it -- I'm magnetic. Each time you pass, I see you through the corner of your eye, observing. I see you compare your stomach each morning when you wake. I see the tears when you wear your favorite clothes, for that special day, and they don't fit the way you'd like.

I wish there were some thing I could do. If only you could see what I see when you're not looking. 


Your kind eyes and quick, eager smile. The way you dance alone to the rhythm in your head. How often you're lost in thought - perplexed - as if the world outside were but a whisper to your internal choir. As if all the world's problems, those you carry so closely on your back, could be easily fixed if you just had the time. Perhaps if you saw how much love you give. How you're always doing something to make someone feel, see and know they're loved. At least by you. The little things I see you do are when you're at your most captivating. When you radiate and erupt love. If only you could save some of that warmth for yourself. 


You see, I don't judge, or punish, or convince. I reflect. Not only light and image, but I reflect what is deep inside you. I reflect your inner-self. The one who still, after parading the world and conquering it all, believes that voice that says she is unlovable. The one kicked to the curb and left alone so many times, part of her never truly believes anyone will stay. The girl so full of emotion, of life, that was belittled into silence, insecurity and self-doubt by those too scared to truly live and feel. You're too quick to place your worth outside of you, to make it tangible, to make it real. That's why I mean so much. Evoke so much. But I am nothing. 


Take away my power. Free yourself from these imaginary constraints. Love yourself. Fearlessly. Unabashedly. Fervently. Indefatigably. 

And I will reflect just that. 

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