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You may have noticed we've been pretty quiet the past few months. It's because we've decided to undergo some pretty major changes to how we're structured and what we do. We've been at it for over five years, and while it's been an amazing time, it's also time for a change.

As such, we're asking all of our authors to *please download and save their work* as our website might not be up for that much longer. We will have other exciting opportunities for writers coming, though, so be sure to stay tuned!! Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, we can't wait to see what's next!

Reach out if you have any questions, otherwise stay tuned!

Twenty twenty three

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by Sophia Jamali Soufi

Gedichte von Josefine Süpke

DESERT ROSE 2022.jpg

The Fight Begins Again
Poem by Cailey Tarriane

PICNIC 2022_edited.jpg

Artist Spotlight: Caitlin Walton

Interview by Maya Heins

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